About Us

Wild Boar Cleaning is a company right from the heart of the Forest of Dean. With over 15 years
experience in the chemical industry I was approached by some friends who are very keen mountain bikers
who challenged me to produce a cleaner to better what is currently on the market.



After working closely with these friends, Ross Hood and the Ridgehill Race Syndicate and also James at
Killer Bike Frames, after a few tweeks and some hardcore testing on the Forest of Dean trails, Wild Boar
Bike Cleaner was born.



We are committed to being eco friendly and using recycled and recyclable materials as much as possible.
Like the name, Wild Boar Cleaner loves the mud and is the strongest and most active product you'll find
wandering the bike washes, boots and garages throughout the UK.

Ross Hood - Ridgehill Race Syndiate
Gavin Edwards - Founder
James Cole - Killer Bike Frames